Water Softeners Spring Branch

Water Softeners Spring Branch

The groundwater that feeds San Antonio passes through salty land, agricultural, and industrial areas. Hard compounds enter your water supply and target your skin, glasses, and clothing. Water softeners in Spring Branch take out the salts and harmful minerals, leaving your water cleaner and healthier, and Alamo Water Softeners can help you find the perfect solution.

Impact of hard water

Compounds bombard your clothes, dishware, and water appliances. This limits their lifetime and leaves them looking dirtier.

The consistent pressure of these molecules wears your appliances, requiring repairs and replacement much earlier than normal. Depending on the hardness of your water, a 15-year appliance may last as little as 1.6 years.

What are the dangers of hard water?

Hard water is not only detrimental, it impacts the quality of your skin. Rough water leaves you looking older.

The minerals weather the top layer of skin. This leads to a scalier look and feel.

How do water softeners work?

Water softeners remove damaging minerals. There are two different types of systems used to perform this task.

Salt-based water softeners and salt-free systems provide the same overall benefit. Each tackles damaging compounds with ease, cutting the grime out of your water supply.

What is the difference between salt-based and salt-free water softeners?

Salt-based systems tackle the toughest problems. They leave your clothes looking brighter, your dishes cleaner, and your skin smoother with a slick feel.

Salt-free systems accomplish the same task but are healthier. They avoid adding compounds to your water but are not capable of handling the same level of hardness.

What is the average cost of a water softener?

Water softeners run around $400 with some models costing $700 or more. Large homes and buildings require large softeners which increases the cost while installation further increases the price to as much as $3000.

Additional expenses come in the form of additional material required to run your appliance. Salt-based systems have an obvious recurring expense.

Can water softeners save me money?

Water softeners extend the lifetime of your appliance by removing compounds that create wear and tear. This may significantly lower your cost of ownership.

Hard water requires more detergents and soaps as well. Save up to 70 percent on dish soap and 50 percent on laundry detergent.

Reduce your energy bills

Gas-based water heaters are among the costliest appliances in your home. Electricity costs run up to $2000 or more per year.

Inefficiencies create additional costs as your heater must work even harder. Water softeners keep your appliance running at nearly 100 percent efficiency through its 15-year lifetime.

Water softeners in Spring Branch

The water softener you choose depends on the hardness of your water, the size of your home, and budget. An expert helps you decide on the best solution for you and your home.

Alamo Water Softeners provides experts tacked by an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. When you are ready to protect your appliances, get in touch with our professionals today.

Water Softeners Spring Branch
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Water Softeners Spring Branch
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