Water Softeners San Antonio

Water Softeners San Antonio

Water softeners San Antonio

It doesn’t matter if you draw your water from a private well or the municipal supply. If you reside in San Antonio, there is a high chance the water you’re getting in your home is hard; no thanks to the extremely high concentrations of magnesium and calcium carbonate in the groundwater in and around Central Texas. Although hard water does not pose significant health risks, it could lead to substantial plumbing and cleaning problems. To prevent these, you need to engage the services of water softeners in San Antonio?

What are the benefits of water softeners?

There are numerous benefits of having a home water softener that guarantees a steady supply of soft water in your home. They include:

Saves money: Hard water could cause the buildup of mineral ions in your plumbing pipes and home appliances. This results in scales that would ultimately damage the pipe or appliances, leading to costly repair bills. A water softener helps you save money by getting rid of the potentially dangerous mineral ions.

Cleaner baths: Mineral ions in hard water prevent soap from dissolving, ultimately forming a precipitate in the form of scum. This scum would leave a thin layer of residue on your skin after bathing. Soft water, on the other hand, does not have mineral ions that prevent soap from dissolving entirely.

Easier cleaning: If all you have in your home is hard water, a routine cleaning operation could turn into a nightmare. Even when you think you are done cleaning, you’ll still find chalky lime and soap scum on your tiles or the walls of your shower. Water softeners in San Antonio make cleaning more comfortable because they fully dissolve soaps, saving you time and energy.

Brighter and softer clothes: When you wash clothes in hard water, the mineral ions deposit on your clothes, making the clothes lose their color over time. Add this to the fact that soaps do not lather well in hard water, and you’d understand that only soft water can guarantee a clean wash.

Is it okay to drink softened water?

Soft water is entirely safe to drink. The potential source of concern over drinking soft water comes from the amount of sodium present in soft water samples. Usually, sodium concentration in drinking water should not exceed 200mg/L, and virtually all water softeners adhere to this limit. Moreover, there are novel water softening techniques that would not add extra sodium to your water sample.

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Do you need specialized water treatment solutions that are optimally built and designed to address the hard water problem in San Antonio and its environs? Alamo Water Softeners is the company you can trust. We are a full-service water treatment company with a track record of providing the best value for the highest quality water treatment. Our expert water softeners are always on hand to provide the water softening solution that’s customized to meet your needs. Contact us today, and you’ll be glad you did.  

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