Crystal Light Flavors

Crystal Light FlavorsTired of Crystal Light flavors that taste just like any other powdered-juice in the market? Then it’s time you tried a totally refreshing water enhancer. Check out H2wOw. We have unique and fresh flavors like lemon spearmint, cucumber lemongrass, mandarin grapefruit, and ginger lime. What’s more, our enhancer comes in a convenient liquid form.  

There are so many Crystal Light flavors to choose from, but are you sure they are healthy? Some water enhancers are almost like powdered juice drinks—filled with sugar and synthetic ingredients. If you want simple and healthy drink, opt for liquid water enhancers. Be sure to check the ingredients. If the water enhancer has anything artificial or produces a weird funky color, don’t drink it.
Water enhancers should be formulated to simply enhance the flavor of water, not altogether change it. You can always try the traditional route and add your own lemon in your water, but this is not always convenient. A cost-effective and practical solution is to use H2wOw. Our water enhancer took many years to develop, and the final product delivers a refreshing taste using all-natural ingredients.
Unlike the powdered Crystal Light flavors, our water enhancer is in liquid form. To make your water tastier, simply squirt once or twice. One serving only has 3 calories. If you want to learn more about H2wOw and our amazing water enhancers, feel free to browse our website. Don’t forget to check out what our customers have to say about this life-changing enhancer. There is no need to go to the grocery to purchase our bottles, so you can easily order them here on our website.